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Industrial battery chargers are used for charging large battery banks and also provide DC output to the load. Available as Float cum boost chargers (FCBC) & Dual FCBC which supplies DC load automatically. FCBC charger is functionally equipped with two operating modes; a float mode and a boost mode. In Dual FCBC charger a one more float chargers available for backup purpose which switches to operate if the other fails. Rishab industries provides battery chargers in two technologies: 1. Thyristor firing angle Controlled 2. High frequency IGBT Controlled

Key Highlights:
  1. Microcontroller Based Fully Digital
  2. Customized Compact Designs of Cubicles
  3. Cost effective prices
  4. Isolation with Excellent mechanical and short-circuit strength due to the VPI Process
  5. Cooling: Natural Air / Oil.
  6. Under / Over Voltage & Overload Protection through microcontroller.
  7. Overload & short – circuit protection through microcontroller
  8. Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
  9. Battery Health Test Mode (Automatic/Manual)
  10. Float & Boost Modes in FCBC Charger available
  11. Additional Float Mode available in Dual FCBC charger
  12. High Frequency/ Switch Mode Battery Charger
  13. Simultaneously Battery Charging with DC load (DC UPS) operation
  14. Automatic Float & Boost Mode Switching operation
  15. Battery LVD (Low Voltage Detection) Alarm
  16. More added features, as customer’s requirement.
Specifications :
Technical Details
O/P DC Voltages (Standard) 12VDC/ 24VDC/ 48VDC/ 60VDC/ 75VDC/110VDC/ 220VDC
(Non-Standard Voltages can be offered as per Customer’s request)
O/P DC Current 5A to 600A (DC)
O/P Ripple < 1%
Input Phase 3Ph or 1Ph (As specified by Customer)
Input Supply 150V-280V 1Ph AC/ 350V-480V 3Ph AC / As specified by Customer
Input Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
Trip Protection Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Load, Over Temperature (Optional)
Indications I/P ON, OV/UV/OL/OT/ Trip, Float Mode, Boost Mode, Fault (Alarm)
Isolation Transformer Details
Insulation Class Class H/ Class F
Cooling Type Dry Type/Air Cooled / Air Natural / Air Forced
Conductor Strips/Wires of Copper or Aluminum as per customer’s requirement
Core CRGO or CRNGO type
Cubicle Details
Cubicle Size Standard Designs available or As Per Customer’s Requirement
Cubicle Material CRCA
Ingress Protection IP20/ IP40/ IP41/ IP52/ IP55 or as Per Customer’s Requirement
Powder Coating type Structure/ Matte- Finished/ Glossy
Powder Coating Colour RAL 7035/ 7032/ 7021/ 9005/ IS5: 631, as per Customer’s requirement

Application Areas: Infrastructure, UPS, Invertors, Telecom, Solar Invertors, Laboratories, Health Care, Data Centers

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