Control Transformers by Rishab

3Phase Control Transformers

1Phase Control Transformers

The Control Transformers are utilized in industrial electrical applications for regulating voltages through electronic and electrical circuits. This transformer range is developed using qualitative copper wires, electrical steel lamination and terminal blocks to ensure flawless functioning in the electric circuits which require constant current with low volt-amp rating.  Control Transformers are provided in 3Phase & 1Phase, input/output with Multi tapped in auto/ isolation type.

Technical Details:

  • 3Ph Power Range: up to 10000 VA
  • 1Ph Power Range: up to 10000 VA
  • Insulation Class: Class H or Class F or Class B
  • Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz
  • Cooing Type: Dry Type/Air Cooled
  • Conductor: Strips/Wires of Copper or Aluminum as per customer’s requirement
  • Core: CRGO or CRNGO type

Application Areas:

Electrical Equipments, Machineries, UPS, power converters, power modules, medical equipments and various other instrumental electric circuits.

Key Highlights:

  1. Compacted & sturdy design
  2. Excellent performance
  3. Balanced output
  4. Optimum isolation strength
  5. Excellent temperature resistant
  6. Corrosion proof