Foil Wound Transformers by Rishab

Isolation Transformers are dry type, natural air cooled isolation (separation) transformers where the primary (line) and secondary (load) side windings are electrically and galvanic ally separated from each other, thus, there is a functional insulation by design. Reliable designs w.r.t. location of transformers in power configurations as bypass, mains, input, inverter, output, etc.

Technical Details:

  • 3Ph Power Range : 1KVA to 1000KVA
  • 1Ph Power Range : 1KVA to 100KVA
  • Insulation Class : Class H or Class F
  • Frequency : 50Hz/ 60Hz
  • Cooing Type : Dry Type/Air Cooled
  • Conductor : Strips/Wires of Copper or Aluminum as per customer’s requirement
  • Core : CRGO or CRNGO type

Application Areas:

Infrastructure, UPS, Invertors, Telecom, Solar Invertors, Laboratories, Health Care, Data Centers

Key Highlights:

  1. Lower loss and greater efficiency
  2. Customized Compact Designs –reduced size & weight.
  3. Cost effective prices
  4. Excellent mechanical and short-circuit strength due to the VPI Process
  5. Moisture Ingress Resistant & Immune to polluted atmosphere
  6. High grade iron core and winding can be wire or foil.
  7. Local Ground Bonded Neutral
  8. K-Rated Designs Available.
  9. Ultra-Isolation Designs Available.