The World of Transformers!

The power has been driving us since a decade, with more than 70000 transformer installations, and application ranging from online UPS, Automation, Telecom & Solar. We specialize in Aluminum welded energy efficient transformers and high impedance transformers..

UPS & Inverter Transformers

Manufactured with stringent quality control to ensure the excellent performance, durability, less power consumption and easy maintenance.

Foil Wound Transformers

Reliable designs w.r.t. location of transformers in power configurations as bypass, mains, input, inverter, output, etc.

Transformers with Cubicle

Manufactured to comply with the IS 11171, IS 2026 & IEC publications 60076, having variety of designs with customized solution for Cubicles.

AC Distribution Boards (Breaker Panel)

We manufacture our AC Distribution Boards with the use of best quality components that ensure high durability and performance.

Servo Control Voltage Stabilizers

SCVS is supplied in following types according to its input and output Supply as: 3Phase to 3Phase, 3Phase to 1Phase, 1Phase to 1Phase

Reactors and Line Chokes

We have AC reactor chokes, harmonic mitigation chokes, power line reactors, VFD line & load chokes and DC chokes.

High Frequency Chokes

Rishab Industries also design, manufacture & supply High Frequency Chokes for High Frequency applications up to 200 KHz.

Control Transformers

Control Transformers are provided in 3Phase & 1Phase, input/output with Multi tapped in auto/ isolation type.