What Sets Us Apart

Our USPs

Following infographic illustrates our USPs that set us apart from competition.

Proactively Adding Value

We strive to be seen as a partner who not only executes against our clients’ requirement but also provides the insights and thought leadership that fuel them. We consistently hear from clients and end clients that the way we deliver products by adding value and being engaged as a strategic partner is unlike anything they previously experienced. This type of proactive working and ownership over delivering excellent quality products happens every day throughout our organization.


Flexible and Customized Products

Rishab Industries does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We collaborate closely with clients to develop tailored, flexible solutions designed to suit specific needs and maximize results. The products we develop are follows are international standards and continuously evolving to meet changing demands of market.


Key Factors Behind Rishab’s Success



  • Highly process driven management and a structured organisation.
  • 51 man years of engineering experience in transformer design, development and application solutions.
  • Average age of management & work force is about 30 Years.
  • Implementation of 5 S, Kaizen & Lean management are in process.
  • Training is an integral part of our schedule to upgrade skills & knowledge of the work force.
  • Ample opportunity is provided to each individual at all levels to participate & contribute in CIP i.e. Continuous Improvement Program which is an ongoing process.


Quality Process

  • Optimum levels of Inventories with a strong supply chain help us in adhering to delivery schedules of clients.
  • Timely deliveries with pre-defined quality is our USP & has been a major contributor to our growth.
  • All raw materials CRGO & CRNO procured from reputed mills directly. Dual Coated Super Enamelled Copper & Aluminium Strips & wires procured from Leading manufacturers only. This defines & enhances the inbuilt quality of the Transformers. Strong Insulation system which uses internationally proven materials like Nomex & Elantas varnish systems give a stable product even at high operating temperatures.
  • Standardization of every small procedure and manufacturing process.
  • A shop floor of about 12000 Sq Ft. captive unit processing lamination for in house consumption provides complete control over quality & deliveries.
  • Rishab Industries has a unique characteristic of ramping up at very short notice.
  • Rigorous testing of raw materials for their properties and at every stage.


Cutting Edge Technology

  • Rishab has successfully implemented ERP to boost the productivity and accuracy of operations of all the functional areas including design and manufacturing. The process driven system with well documented procedures helps in churning out quality products consistently year after year.
  • Dedicated ‘R & D’ Department.
  • Manufacturing based ERP system helps in updating the latest revisions of design with complete history of revisions.
  • Special design sheets and route cards which define complete manufacturing process with BOM to eliminate errors at every step.
  • Unique Product ID, with exceptional tracking features with master records maintained for 10 years which ensure traceability.
  • Effective design of coil geometry to enhance the cooling by providing sufficient air ducts to minimize the temperature rise.
  • Fully automatic Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant with capacity of 1800 Litre Storage
  • Rishab’s Foil Winding Machine is suitable for Transformers up to 1000KVA Ratings, And have capability of Two Foils & Two Insulation Paper.
  • Rishab have In house CNC Lamination Cutting and Punching facility improves product quality and lowers production lead time.
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant
Foil Winding Machine
Foil Winding Machine
CNC Lamination Cutting and Punching facility
CNC Lamination Cutting and Punching facility